Wharves with Gleeson

Wharves with Gleeson

I simply can’t survive a swim at 20 degree temps in windy conditions. Thus I defaulted to the HuRTS recovery run. The turnout was barebone at best. Started with Yum Cha, Mike Gleeson (Gleeso), Warswick and another guy.

Very pleased Gleeso was happy to run my 5:20s (he’s tapering for 10km Striders). Bad running etiquette from everyone else. I had to let them go. Legs felt very stiff from yesterday. Doubt I could have ran a better pace.

Did manage to see a few other characters all doing some form of recovery run. Tom, Andy, Barts to name a few.

12.7km in 65 min. 18km for the day including the water-logged trudge into work.

The real highlight was the Gleeson food recommendation. Brewtown Newtown. I’m told this is where the ‘Cronut‘ concept was conceived. The world has since never been the same. This is the solution to the calorie-deficit issues faced by ultra-runners.

In short, my next brunch destination is mapped out. The ex-cronut menu also has appeal.

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