Wharves x2

Wharves x2

Rode into work so early that I literally had 30 min to kill. Stepped off the bike and headed to Hickson Wharves. The legs felt OK so I did 6×150 strides on each straight. At #5 I passed a familiar figure – Michael, the guy I ran with on Sunday. Funny coincidence. Hence the last 15 min was via Barangaroo then back into the CBD to complete 6km.

With a lunch meeting running over, I missed the hills set and snuck out for a cheeky 30 min run (2pm curfew). Instantly ran into Tommy H near the Toaster building whilst he was doing his own 9km filler ahead of a track set tonight.

After a 180, I found myself back at the wharves for the 2nd time in 5 hours. Enjoyed the chat as well as a truly relaxing run. Cracking weather. 7km all up and 13km for the day.  The is as slow as it gets.

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