Double Monday

Double Monday

Double Monday

What to do after a marathon? Well you the sensible type – Elle, Jeet, Lambert etc – a clean week of resting. Then the insane – Brendan Davies racing a 100k in Europe, Neil knocking out marathon intervals on Wed. I think I’m in between? Lots of Ks, but super easy.

Pushed my luck with 30k yesterday and was worried how I’d pull up. Well the good news is the foot niggles are better today. That’s a sign the healing process is underway.

This morning I re-instated the X-training routine, though I did feel really flat. Cycled between 20 burpees, and about 8 sets of kettlebell variations. That 25 min was hard work indeed.

Lunch – usual HuRTS recovery which saw me dropped within the first 3km. Renee, Elle and Erika had similar frustrations with the pace and we were happy to plod some 50m behind. Poor Elle has rolled through the 7 stages of grief post her marathon. She was happy today.

Same course as usual, out to Barangaroo and back to CQ. Cracking weather, good company and one of those runs where I feel better at the end.

16km all up. Added 6km jogging home, simply because the weather was so nice.


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