Working the Hills

Working the Hills

Last day up north and I stayed close to base. Early on, this involved a 2km segment stepping on slippery rocks near the water, before venturing back to the street. Looped around the local suburb, progressively increasing the efforts from 5:15s, to 4:30s. The real value was dragging myself up multiple hills of say 40-50m elevation; 10 in total.

Added 8x100m strides at the end. I feel this was hard enough to justify my ‘session‘ for the week.

14km in 71 min at 5:10 min/km. 

Reviewing Strava, I now realise why my legs are tired from the last three days. Elevation change 350m, 850m then 550m today. Maybe I should have signed up for 6FT.

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