In that tricky reverse taper zone being 3 weeks after Melb. After 9 marathons, I’ve learnt that if you don’t respect the distance, you get injured. Still feeling great moving at 5:00s on short runs. If I break this rule, then the niggles in the knee and inner ankle bone arrive. So the lesson is, stay slow and stay safe.

Today was a really fun day – helped by the knowledge I don’t need to taper for JP Morgan on Wednesday – I’ll be jogging there, pacing, and raiding the Allens tent for the food. Then running home on a full belly.

Today, I focused on strength work:

– 30 min X-training. My first in 2 weeks. Really put an emphasis on KB swings, push-ups, Turkish Get-Ups and other arm-focused reps

– 1.9km in the pool. My OCD had to deal with being 100m short of 2.0k. Tym B and Yum Cha were also spotted in the water. I jogged back clocking up 3k via Farm Cove with Andy Heyden, who just ran the Masters Perth Marathon.

Also managed to commute via foot both ways. Kept the pace nice and easy at 5:30s.



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