Xmas Week

Xmas Week

My hip issues are definitely resolved. I was a little reluctant to call triumph last week but after another easy week I’ll say it now. Given it is silly season I have just been keeping up with a mix of swimming, jogging and weights.

Monday – Xmas day! Much cooler which is a relief. Took out the pram and bundled Trinity in for a cheeky 60 min loop of the Bay Run. This was in the afternoon. Champ joined us which was welcome company.

Tuesday – I wanted to swim today, but Drummoyne pool was closed. Ended up doing 2 Laps of the Bay Run plus a loop to Drummoyne Cove. Matt joined me for the last 30 min. Got to 24k without even trying.

Wednesday – feels like I’m the only idiot working this week because I literally had no one to run with at lunch. Decided instead to do 1.5k at ITAC. Ran to and from work to get the Os up.

Thursday – another lonely lunch run. Last few months I have been unable to summon the strength to make the hilly run to Redleaf. With the legs much better, I gave it a shot. 5k out, a quick dip and a slow amble back to my desk. 11k all up.

Friday – a lazy day for me. 6k into work and another solo run at lunch. Tried to navigate Farm Cove and MMC which was a bad decision. Did around 11k before calling it a day. Let’s feel good.


This was how I spent Friday afternoon.


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