Yum Cha Half Marathon with a Spring Roll Finish

Yum Cha Half Marathon with a Spring Roll Finish

I’m feeling stiffer and more sore than expected. Very broken sleep off a heavy Thurs/Frid the main culprit.

Anyway, I strapped on  fresh NB Zante shoes, bringing shoe purchase YTD to #10 (I’ve lost count). Lucky I have a secret account where such naughty expenses go unnoticed to the misses.

This AM was a half, and a strange one. Planned run date with Brendan Yum Cha (7:30am kick-off) meant I enjoyed a cruisy 60min beforehand. We started at King George Park and I had no idea what he had in mind.

Well, after 5 min of YC fretting about pace, elevation and finally, distance marks I managed to get him to actually run. Anyway, we settled on 2 x 3km intervals at 4 min pace. Still recovery for me. I distracted myself with the mansions bordering the Drummoyne side of the Bay Run.

13km at 5 min/km, 2×3 at 4 min/km (last km at sub 3:50s) and 2km of warm-up / warm-down.

21km all up. Brings the weekly total (6 days) to a pretty light 90km. .

Sunday long run tomorrow. 7am at the Kiosk in Centennial Park. Will try to stay at a relaxed pace.

PM edit – this is how my run ended-up. At Kepos Street Kitchen.

From the same joint that does the best Brioche B&E burger….

Lamb Cigars with double poached egg and fancy hummus – $18.

A dusting of pine nuts, hand-picked watercress, piped hummus – it’s these details that add finesse over a Chinese take-away spring roll job.

Worth 6x the cost of Hunter Connection Spring Rolls (2 for $3.50)?

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