Big Brekky, Petersham (Mar-15) (♦♦♦)

Big Brekky, Petersham (Mar-15) (♦♦♦)

Big Brekky, Petersham (Mar-15) (♦♦♦)

The name alone (Big Brekky) was what won me over. Absolutely no gimmicks to this cafe and its offering. You’ll see why soon enough.

Target audience seems to be any or all of:
– four person family looking to share one dish.
– rugby players, wrestlers or other large individuals.
– those with morbid obesity aspirations.

James, Renee and myself at Big Brekky for one purpose…a big brunch.


Luckily Lorie and I are joined by two very passionate and hungry triathletes – Renee and James.

The initial round of coffees are a good start. Nothing remarkable about the soy flat white.


Stock-standard menu, mid teens pricing. I default to the ‘Qeuf en cocotte eggs’ upon learning this to be baked eggs.

Qeuf en cocotte eggs (baked eggs) with wholemeal toast – $15


Instant mark-down for the vehicle that housed the eggs. It’s all about theatre, and a ceramic dish is no match for a cast iron pan.

Composition – egg, tomato and mushroom. Close your eyes and imagine that in omelette-form on toast. That’s exactly how I felt.


Such generosity of bread is best matched with a highly spreadable sauce that holds a thick, consistent texture. Overcooked eggs and ‘wateriness’ at the base did this dish no favours.

Tasty enough from the seasoning, but lack of next-gen protein left me disenchanted.

James goes for a stomach filler…

Chilli feta eggs with smashed avacado and crispy bacon on toast – $17.50


Observing such an amalgamation of bacon on one plate was as steroidal an experience as seeing Serena Williams in a mini-skirt at the Aussie Open last year. Mind blowing, but almost unappetising.


Biggest criticism – we have the sourdough flat on its back, pleading desperately to be hosed down by the runny yolk of a double-team of perfectly poached eggs.

Because the eggs were over-poached, no such scenario crystallised ….


Dish one liner – hugely satisfying, artery clogging, relatively tasty but too dry.

Next up (Renee’s order) was grilled haloumi. To be fair, even the most unsophisticated kitchen can get this right. Salty, yummy and ridiculously large.

Grilled halloumi and poached eggs on toast – $17.50


Final order is the sweet one. No surprises this is the wife’s choice, and one that dwarfed her head.

Ultra-thick brioche french toast, dunked in maple syrup and slathered in rhubarb and mascapone is exactly as decadent as it sounds. Brioche was excellent, making this the dish of the day.

French toast with rhubarb, strawberries and mascarpone – $15



Frankly after a few bites, I felt like a fat kid high on red cordial… the sugar was too much. The missus had to employ the help of Renee to finish the job.

Summary scoring below indicates a middle-of-the-pack experience.

Food (♦♦♦) – lack of an imaginative menu, easy to replicate at home.
Value (♦♦♦♦♦) – for the serving size and mid-teen prices…excellent.
Other (♦♦♦) – completely unremarkable fitout, long wait for food, served me the wrong bread.
Overall (♦♦♦) – opposite of a degustation – substitute finesse for size.

It’s quite simple. Visit Big Brekky only if you want a well-priced calorie injection, but care little for (i) imaginative dishes and (ii) plate presentation.

Would I return?

It was hard work making the food look appetising in the photos. The sexiest object from my shots was my dream car, the Nissan 370Z directly outside.

My next car …. Nissan 370Z

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