Cornersmith, Marrickville – Revisit II (Mar-16) (♦♦♦♦)

Cornersmith, Marrickville – Revisit II (Mar-16) (♦♦♦♦)

Cornersmith, Marrickville – Revisit II (Mar-16) (♦♦♦♦)

Compare the crowd outside Cornersmith to the homeless community in Woolloomooloo. Both groups are hungry and congregate all year round.

Refer to my last update (here). It’s best to ignore the marketing spin of ethical sourcing and an in-house-beehive.

Quality-wise, Cornersmith > copycats including SFJ, 485, The Cove and even WJ. Just remember for all but a toddler, single serve = snack, double serve = meal.


Per the blackboard above and birds-eye shot below, the ‘for‘ thesis is:

– Eggs on toast with a side salad is exciting, and
– There is skill to mounting chopped fruit and sliced cheese on a board

Everything is prep’ed on site and presentation is clean.


Cornersmith Plate (single) – smoked mackerel, potato and olive salad, gherkins and goats curd on rye – $18 


I begged for a double serve but the kitchen refused. Very upset.

A board of ‘luxury‘ ingredients with a working-class equivalent that I can’t distinguish – sardines-on-toast with a cream-cheese spread. This is well thought out as the subtle cheese offsets a very fishy protein. A good order for reasonable value.

Poached eggs with green tomato relish on dark sourdough ($9) + brown rice, eggplant and bean salad ($6)


Undeniable salad complexity helped by a chili dressing that livens the dish. Balance is spot on and do not discount the pleasure of two bursting poached eggs on dark sourdough. A staple sort of order.

Poached egg on brown rice, eggplant and green bean salad – $12 + $3


Diet version of dish #1. I tried and failed to convince my (male) companion to embrace carbs (and calories) but he is one stubborn individual. Avoid this at all costs due to miserable size.

Ploughman’s Plate (single) – salami, cheddar, pickles, fig and sourdough – $18


Spring 2015 version was ham, Summer 2016 is salami. I’m left with a deconstructed salami & cheese sandwich with a side of pickles. Mum’s 1992 infant school lunchbox job is no match for Mr Cornersmith’s a super juicy fig addition.

Various dishes are shared between five and at the close, I digest the feedback. Key call-outs are ‘yummy‘, ‘fresh‘, ‘no technique‘ and finally, ‘let’s go to Bourke Street Bakery for pies‘.

Has the appeal of Cornersmith declined?  

Not really. Expect a quality light feed for sub $20. Worth a visit but similar to fine-dining, snack before you leave. Go for the Plates () or at your own peril, settle for eggs+side+toast ().

Cornersmith Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I do love this photo of the daughter as she nears 5 months of brunching.


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