Egg of the Universe, Rozelle (May-16) (♦♦♦♦)

Egg of the Universe, Rozelle (May-16) (♦♦♦♦)

Egg of the Universe, Rozelle (May-16) (♦♦♦♦)

One-liner: skillful, memorable wholefoods feed that’s a little out of budget. 

EOTU is literally a kitchen stapled to a yoga studio – not as bizzare as last month’s visit to the Cat Cafe in Kyoto but close. Luckily, the only felines in the enclosed courtyard are super lean (female) members of the 7:45am class. I confess, I’m hungry.


The main benefit of an open kitchen is due diligence on prep-work, intensity of staff and of course the aroma. We smell charred bacon which alleviates my biggest fear in such a joint: a no-meat-eat experience.  Menu – comic to decipher and borderline annoying. An example is ‘Perfect Circle Salad‘.


Note the eye-bleed pricing. This suggests edibles (cafe) are subsidising in-edibles (buffet-style 30 day offer below). It’s the reverse of a low cost Vegas Casino buffet.


Copying my 7 month old, the wife clambers onto the table for the bird shot. What a striking visual: vibrant, low-touch approach to produce with acceptable portion size.


The pupils narrow seeing criss-cross dressing. Either the chefs trained at a world class cooking school, or like myself binge watch Masterchef on Channel Ten.

Pork Shoulder & Sweet Potato Cake – $25


Straight from a bistro 101 cook book with a surprise egg. No one can ever fault pull-apart pork with roasted potato.

Egg executes a Tree Pose on top of a pork yoga mat in a enchanting display of precision. I’ve now got my money’s worth.


Burst yolk plus gravity equals win. The poor slaw is forgotten.

Seasonal Breakfast. Spiced carrots, sweet potato, poached eggs, spring salad and tumeric aioli – $22


Many elements to distract my buds. Yet, it’s the creamy aioli that is the hero.


I feel the egg-yolk and aoili are best mopped with slow-roasted veggies. This has to be a top three breakfast salad west of Sydney’s CBD. Yummy and filling!

Super B.L.A.T. Bacon, tomatos, avocado and sauerkraut on sourdough with a poached egg – $22


Why Super? Bacon is’nitrate-free‘, egg is ‘organic‘, sauerkraut is ‘lacoto-fermented‘ and sourdough is ‘spelt‘. These are vital details to 90% of Rozelle yoga students, hence the price.

A flawless mound of perfectly crunchy bacon strips is helped by good bacon quality. Specifically, fat-to-pork ratio is spot on.

Not all is positive. We have soggy avo-on-toast. Tomato juices seep into the sourdough, reminding us why this red fiend is not your friend (outside baked eggs).


Three dishes tried, several more for the future.

If you recall, add smoked trout at your own peril ($9). Until now, the worst I’ve seen is in Bondi ($7). Whether this creature is organic matters not because who knows what that trout ate in it’s 20 happy months down in Tasmanian waters. My point is … add 20% to each dish for a feel-good experience. If you can digest that, then EOTU is actually great.

Score summary:
(♦=terrible, ♦♦♦♦♦=superb)

– Food (♦♦♦♦♦) – award worthy bacon experience, dishes near faultless.
– Value (♦♦) – at $25 per dish and no split bills, I could not afford the Ginger Tumeric Kombucha.
– Other (♦♦♦♦) – baked goods, family run vibe and extracurricular activities.
– Overall (♦♦♦♦) – classic quality vs. value conundrum. Today was quality.

In the category of Inner West wholefoods cafes, this the top three alongside About Life and Cornersmith.

Will I be returning?

Daughter is very happy with my decision to choose a new place. Perhaps she’s sick of Kepos Street Kitchen.


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