Revolver, Annandale – Revisit (Apr-15) (♦♦♦♦)

Revolver, Annandale – Revisit (Apr-15) (♦♦♦♦)

Revolver, Annandale – Revisit (Apr-15) (♦♦♦♦)

I promised my stomach a second round at Revolver, post a top quartile eggs-in-skillet performance (review here).

With Perth Parkrun friends Hamish (H), Sally (S) and Maddie (M) in town and my desire to impress, I figured this a safe play.

House made spiced chai latte – $4.50

My chai latte was particularly creamy. The sweetness was too much, made so by an over-excited barista with a can of sugar dust and a bottle of chai syrup. Did not quite seem too ‘house made’.

Old school chocolate milkshake – $5.50

Choc-milk is nostalgically predictable for an 8 year old or a Filipino of any age. The metallic housing plus straw brings me back memories of Paragon in Katoomba.

Food comes out quite quickly, with great anticipation.

Veggie Big Breakfast – baked eggs, tomato, avocado, mushrooms, eggplant with beetroot puree and Sonora dark sourdough toast – $17.50

The vibrancy offered by the beetroot and avo excites me every time. They’ve nailed the vegetable additions, which make this sophisticated, healthy without being clever for its own sake.

Tomato, avocado, beetroot, mushroom and eggplant

As good as I remember? Not quite. My palate told me this was under-seasoned and I accrued dozens of ‘fitbit device steps’ as I put the little S&P shakers to work. The magic lies in the hummus on dark soughdough. Delicious.

Avo eggs sounds intriguing, but H wants bacon. My clever suggestion? Get both.

Avo eggs – scrambled eggs, avocado, roast tomato, fetta, rocket, salsa verde and sourdough toast – $15.50
A classic divergence between one’s imagination and the (sad) reality of the plate. When I construct ‘avo eggs‘ in my head, I picture an ultra-creamy, fluffy and evergreen-coloured eggs. H and I were on the same page.
Per the photo, no such luck. There was no upward recovery from this low point. This is a standard big breakfast in disguise.
 ‘Best B&E roll in Sydney‘ is the proud claim of the waitress. No doubt Lorie succumbs to this highly effective pitch.
Bacon and Egg Roll – fried egg, free range bacon, caramelised onion, rocket and 3 awesome sauces – $10

Almost as good as it gets – quality soft Sonora bun, highly complex sauces well beyond my ability to comprehend, good sweetness from the onions. Excellent vertical construction and as you’d expect, quite tasty.

Three magic sauces – sweet red capsicum relish, mustard aioli and verde

The unforgivable shortcoming? Soggy bacon. 7/10 was the missus’ expert verdict. I trust her on such important matters.

There’s no denying S loves bacon.

Free range bacon – scrambled eggs, bacon, cheddar, capsicum relish on sourdough toast – $17.50

Hard to hide behind the fact that this is a premium $17.50 bacon and eggs on toast. B&E works on all levels; adding pesto a clever little twist.

Pesto and caremalised onions

Saying that, the eater found the cheddar plus pesto too overpowering. Shame to see 40% in the dustbin. Verdict was lukewarm. Soggy bacon was the again the true culprit.

Banana bread was mandated by M, but split across three sweet tooth individuals.

Good feedback. Grill marks suggest the extra prep taken to ensure a crispy crust but moist inside. This was dense, quite sweet and unashamedly slathered in butter.

It took H just three bites to instantly recover the calories he lost last week in the Canberra marathon. Amazing.

Today did disappoint food-wise. A quality issue when the owner is not present? Paying hard earned coin to a chef that cares not for crispy bacon is as sensible as employing a blind taxi driver with anger management issues.

Hamish, Maddie, Sally, Lorie and my hat

I hope this Perth family does not leave with a tainted view of Sydney.

Score reassessment?
Overall (♦♦♦♦) I reckon I caught them on an off day. The pig farmers would be in tears.

Do I recommend going?
Only for the baked eggs or the specials.  There is a great weekly rotation of blackboard choices. None were tested this time. Lamb meatballs for breakfast? A little aggressive.

Blackboard specials – omlete, lamb tagine and chicken wrap

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