Sadly my temporary relief from hip pain proves to be exactly that… temporary.

Tuesday – headed to IT before work to test out my freestyle. An easy 1.5k competed in 28 min. Jumped on the feet of a bloke for about half of that.

Lunch time was back hitting the pavement. Didn’t have the leg health to survive a HuRTS session so I headed NOTB with Charlie. Ran around the Kirribilli area, under the bridge and out to Macmahon Point. Good mix is stairs, hills which tends to make this almost like a strength training. Ran back across the Bridge throwing in a 1.5k surge at 3.50s. 13k all up

Wednesday – out super early due to a 12.30 meeting. I just hate it when they fall into my lunch exercise slot. Ran up around FC to the HURTS meeting point, then back around Botanic for the shortest run ever. 9k at 4.45s. That plus some XT earlier that morning was enough to flare my ITB up.

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