Striders Lane Cove 10km – 40 min Pacing

Striders Lane Cove 10km – 40 min Pacing

None of the usual suspects in CT, Criniti, Barts, Tom racing LC – would this be a Steven Bradbury race?

For me, a recovery / social morning. No upside racing a 10km, 7 days out from Canberra. The pre-message to the brunch looking for a 40 min effort was ‘stay with me at 5km and you’ll go sub 39:30‘. It’s all about the hill from 4.5km.

First 2km a little off pace towing Richard Woo, Birchy, Taffy and Elle along at 4:05s. First hill is OK for Elle, not OK for the guys who do manage to re-catch me on the descent. There’s also a 3 way battle upfront between Quentin, Neil and a School Kid.

3-4km has us consolidating the pace at 4:00s hoping they’d be right for the climb. They drop like flies the moment things get ugly and by the hut, I’m alone. In the reverse, this young guy has gapped QR and NP by 10m!

5-8km solo, picking up then being dropped by the odd straggler. By 9km, Elle has fought back and in my view, her job is done. Last K had me coasting along at 3:55s subduing the urge to pick-up the pace.

Finish time 39:55, 80m short on the watch.

After a short chat with the finishers, I coerced Greg and Elle into a 4km c/d.

No Bradbury-type race today with that unknown running sub-33! QR and NP are in fine form with mid-33s. Farther back, Frenchman and Kiwi Mike (both chicked). Run of the day is obviously Elle. Sub-40 is a post-pregnancy PB.

Frenchman, Eoin, Timmy, Elle, myself, Neil, Quentin and Robin below.


Will add the other photos when available.

Looking forward to an easy next 7 days. Sunday shortish LR, then 6-8k runs with strides leading into Canberra.

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