Sunday – long run in Centennial Park. It’s nice to be back to my usual stomping ground. Ran alongside LJ, Matt and Enda for much of the 6k loop and 7k of the 10k loop before heading back to Inner West. I had earlier decided to finish with a loop of the Bay Run. Saw the Sri Chimnoy race in full swing which was a nice surprised. The legs felt pretty flat over the 2hrs 25 min of plodding. 32k done.

Monday – easy run with Erika. Usual route around the Hickson Road wharves and partly into Pyrmont. She’s now in taper mode for Berlin and no doubt will enjoy some much deserved rest. The hard work is done. 12k all up.

Tuesday – always a favourite. Man date run with Sam T around Pyrmont. Had Kanser join us for about 3k. I doubted he would last much longer judging by his lack of training of late not to mention a food filled holiday in Bali. Headed out with ST to JL before finished up with 8x80m strides on the Fairfax lawn. That’s my speedwork done. 13k.

Wednesday – this time a run with Charle. Started with Brendan W who dropped off near ABC for a swim (wish I had brought the goggles). Charlie and I headed to Rushcutters where he was to kindly suggest I do five reps of Loftus ave. This is as steep as it gets in Sydney’s inner suburbs. Whilst Charlie headed to the point (flat), I ground my way up and down Loftus in 33 degrees.

Splits were between 1.28 to 1.20, getting slightly faster.

Jog back to the cbd got me to 12.5k. I think my legs will be sore tomorrow.

I like this photo of Elle… taken today

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