Weekend Striders

Weekend Striders

Weekend Striders

Saturday – Striders 10k in 35.55 with a pram. Didn’t really plan to run this hard particularly with this being my 2nd 10k attempt using the pram.

Started slow, 45s after the gun time in fact. Worked my way through the field and really hit my strides on the back section of lap 1 where the pace settled at low 3.30s. This get about all the way through to the end.

As one would expect every little incline is amplified when you are pushing a 10kg pram with a 11kg child. Today I really felt it in the final climb to the finish.

Official time 36.25, watch time 35:55 at 3:33 ave page. Big PB with a pram.

Great run from Scotty in particular who ran 31.30 for 2nd place.

A few photos below during and after the race.

Post Breakfast at Swedish cafe Fika in Manly. A surprisingly impressive set of flavours, just like a fancy IKEA.

Sunday – 34k tempo. That’s right, 34k. Erika was the mastermind behind this key session in her lead up to Berlin. Met Erika, Darren, Scotty, Lewis, Fiona Yates, her husband, Jeet, Alana and finally another girl I didn’t know. The plan was 4 laps at 4.10s.

I mainly paced at the said pace and honestly it felt fine despite my usual LR pace being closer to 4.45s. Poor EJ looked like she was gone at 10k particularly with Lewis charging ahead trying to drag us along at 4.00s.

She managed to hang on not only for lap 2 (the adjusted plan) but then lap 3 and lap 4. Scotty was good in sitting and the back whilst I drifted back and forth trying to keep the peleton together. Darren had 3 hours to do and I felt so sorry for him after lap 4 – he had another 40 to go – so I joined him on lap 5. Dropped off at Lilyfield Rd and headed home to see out a massive 37k.

37k at 4.13s average pace.

What a great way to start Fathers Day!

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