Bread & Circus, Alexandria (Oct-15) (♦♦)

Bread & Circus, Alexandria (Oct-15) (♦♦)

Bread & Circus‘ appeals to the segment of the Gen Y populous that worships clean-eating. A deep familiarity with quinoa, chia, acai and wheatgrass will ease the transition from normal to the organic world of B&C.

B&C is a industry leading offender in wholefoods institutions being labelled ruthlessly healthy, decently tasty but very overpriced.
Our two year wedding anniversary starts with hope.

First I death stare a young lady leaving the crust of her banana bread untouched…. Criminal offense. I drink away the sorrow.

Kyoto Roasted Iced Green Tea – $5. Glass served half empty and half is ice cubes. What the?

Two guys one cup – I may have just shared a glass with the uni student manning the juice bar. Need to check with staff whether ice cubes are organic. Answer is NO.

Lunch menu has us side-stepping the sandwich / meat offers and going for a two pronged salad soup assault.

Mixed salad, shared size – $25. Starting from Beetroot, moving CW; Cabbage Sprouts, Charred Zucchini, Red Cabbage and Paw Paw in various beautiful incarnations.

Joys of semi-charred veggies are short-lived. Freshness is on point, but flavours fail to belittle any decent CBD cafe salad. Protein is desperately lacking.
If $25 ‘shared‘ size straddles a dinner plate, then $10 ‘side‘ will be on petri dish. Mental note – avoid leafy salads.

6 Hour Organic Chicken Brown Rice Congee – $14. Apparently this is a cafe-defining dish.

That is six hours of wasted kitchen time! Bowl replicates DIY chicken soup re-using leftover roast chicken and an aggressive hit of ginger. Mum knocks this up in 15 minutes and I get a family discount. Ho(me) job wins because I can’t taste the ‘organic‘ quality of these elements.

Perhaps the butter is milked from a grass-fed cow. 6/10.

Just two lunch dishes sampled, but there is zero incentive to try breakfast:
Food (♦♦♦♦) – tastes good but a rampant over-sell of organic produce.
– Value (♦♦) – similar to medicare levy, $25 pp is a health tax.
Other (♦♦) – long lines, over-priced drinks, cramped shared tabling, nice waitresses.

Overall (♦♦) – commendable concept but forgettable feed. Avoid.

Trusted-friend who recommended B&C gets a downgrade to a just a friend. Sorry.

Will I be returning?


Image shown as I will not be returning.

Salads are rotational. I recommend just two; Charred Zucchini and Cabbage Sprouts.

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  1. Paula Morgan

    I also tried it and was unimpressed. The food was very very average and the staff were smug. So many better options nearby

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