Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Lorie was in deep sleep at 6:15am and I calculated that if I’m back in bed at 9am, she’d be none the wiser.

Plodded down to CP to join the team in a crisp, smokey morning feeling both lethargic and sore. Ranks were a little thin with just Jeet, LJ, the Truscotts, Frenchman, Lambert and first time SOTB tourist Kiwi Mike and amongst the hardcore. As the pace wound up to 4:30s, I just knew all aspects of my body (feet, legs, stomach, lungs) were not quite right.

Loop 1 (10km) was tough work, made easier by good chat that focused on the heroic efforts yesterday at the Sydney:10. It didn’t get any easier and by a 5km loop 2 around the lake, the watch hit 20km and I said my goodbyes. Secretly, the stomach was playing up and I felt the pace was too much.

Exited the park, then traversed back via the CBD, Ian Thorpe Pool, then Blackwattle Bay for a nice change. By this stage, the enjoyment factor was largely over and I just wanted to be back in bed. By 9:15am, that’s where I was.

30km at 4:40s.

Below is the breakfast I conjured for the wife, daughter and visiting sister.

Herb omelette (extra fluffy), baked sweet potato chips, crispy bacon, avocado on artisan German carrot bread. 


On good authority, the potato slices were nicely crunchy.


Lorie and Trinity… they did not tip.


Photo from yesterday at the Sydney:10. Very pleased when I can help a friend PB.


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