Action Packed Two Days – HuRTS Awards and Redleaf

Action Packed Two Days – HuRTS Awards and Redleaf


Knew I was unable to do a lunch session so extended my commute around Blues Point and the beautiful boardwalks circling Luna Park. The ascent back up from the water to Milson Point is never fun, particularly early morning with a backpack. Great run nonetheless – 12km all easy.

Circling Blue’s Point

Headed out again at lunch to stretch the legs once more. Found lone ranger Mike Race at the tail end of a speed session near the Cove. Good to get company for another 3km before he dropped off. Covered another 5km odd around Hickson before tapping out at 10km.

I did head down to the Tilbury for the annual HuRTS awards night. Pretty huge turn out and many I still don’t recognise (normal clothes don’t help either).

On a serious note full credit to Charlie for a great speech on the group being a support network, not just a bunch of runners. Can’t agree more with this – personally the same network (through Conway) helped me find the right job here in Sydney a few months ago.

Ben ST handing out the awards

Awards winners fully deserving and Tom plus drinks was good value. Tucks took the ultra with his UTMB effort, Renee most improved moving her 10km time from 43 min to 39 min, and biggest laugh of the day was Conway’s underperformer award. Would like to see him get off the arse and race next year… 

It did get me thinking … what will it take to win the Performance of the Year next year?

Friday – Redleaf 
Very easy 8km commute on a hot stinking morning but at least the view was nice.

Never get tired of bridge views

I knew I was in trouble come lunch and was certainly not disappointed. With temperature pushing 35 degrees, I simply had to end up in a large body of water. Joined Conway, John and Erika on their way to Redleaf pool. Erika dropped off early but we took the 7km ‘long long’ route through Rushcutters and Darling Point.

A good mix of stairs, hills, grassy flats and roads. Only my second time to Redleaf, but  I’m starting to understand why some guys keep returning here for the’view’.

Didn’t stick around in the water and headed back on my own. Saw Charlie, PJ and later Clarky on their own respective trips out to Redleaf (can’t think of why). Clearly it’s the go to place on stinking Fridays.

Daily summary – 22km plus a splash.

Going to log some solid weekend miles, hopefully included trails then take next week very lightly.

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