Base Building

Base Building

With the body slowly bouncing back, it’s the old 2 week reverse taper for me. Steadily building the mileage in the 7 days post 6FT.

Thursday – 15km all up, split 7/8 running to the CBD and back across Blackwattle. Stiffness in the hips persist but quads OK.

Friday – 9km in the morning. Jogged down to ABC for a lunch swim with Matt. There I was, running through the Botanic Gardens innocently. Some bloke ran up behind, started breathing heavily down my neck. Scared me to death … thinking ‘is this the adult equivalent of a kid in the playground when an old guy pulls up with a lollipop in an unmarked van?‘ Anyway, turned out it was Charlie D.

24 x 50m laps of freestyle (or an imitation of it) before I was roped into a mini-relay with HuRTS swimmers including PW, Conway, Wongy, Timmy et al. Got paired with PW for me 100m. Embarrassed myself leaving him too much ground to recover. Fun nonetheless but lots of work to do on my swimming.

Saturday – though I had slept in (late night out), I headed out for a planned <10km 16km="" 85="" abbotsford.="" all="" around="" back="" bay="" but="" drummoyne="" excited.="" feel="" get="" hence="" i="" in="" initial="" m="" min.="" no="" normal.="" of="" p="" plan="" rain.="" really="" reason="" run="" shot="" starting="" the="" then="" to="" tracked="" up="">


By far the best I’ve recovered from a marathon. 75km and few niggles in the 7 days post race.

Sports massage today … was in tears last time I hobbled out.

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