Base Rebuilding in Sydney

Base Rebuilding in Sydney

Sort of good to be back in Sydney running with the team.

Monday – night wharves

Unusual one. O/N flight, zero sleep, straight to work and without a lunch run. By COB, I had cabin fever and reasoned with myself that a cheeky jog will cure this. I also like to run every day (not rational). Beautiful evening around the water starting at CQ and out to Barangaroo return.

10km all up at 5:10s. Disappointingly, the heel pain was 5/10 – it warms up quickly but hurts at the start. Lucky Lorie picked me up after the run!

Tuesday – easy 15km

Part of a crew of stragglers pooped out the back of the HuRTS 45 min tempo.We all have our reasons:

  • Nick Roberts and I – ran Canberra, you want 3-4 weeks of low intensity.
  •  JFen – good fitness/ talent again impeded by injury. I’m frustrated for him.
  • Conway and Sam – disproportionately big shoulders with the 2016 gym program. Semi-retired from running?
  • Champ – no longer in his 20s and on the rebound from a 2 week food holiday in Thailand.

I’d say a few are also racing the 10k at Homebush on Saturday and the SMH half the following week. Hence, the intensity was low. During the run, I may have also agreed for pacing duties at the 10k (35 min). The run itself was 14km. Turned at 22.5 min near Hyatt, back to the pillars then a 3km cool-down with Conway.

Felt good enough in the heel to run home. Thus, 19km for the day. Happy days.

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