Bay Run

Bay Run

Sunday – Bay Run
With the looming Six Foot less just 6 days a week, less is more. Saying that, sore left foot and quads still recovering from the weekend race.

No idea if a 5-6 day taper is enough but we’ll see.

Jogged down to the Bay Run and managed a very easy loop at 5:45 min/km. It’s a 7km loop, but add the 1.3km (and return) trip makes just shy of 10km. Good to stretch the legs out

80km for the week.

Monday – Domain
The cracking weather and a 1 hr window conspired to pull me off my desk chair. Did a very easy 9km around the Opera House and through the Domain with Wooey.

Passed an 8 or so strong HuRTS squad in opposite directions twice. Their pace was probably too strong for me.

Plan is to wind back to 6km or less each day, then rest Thurs/Fri. See how that goes.

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