Bay Run Double – 52:20

Bay Run Double – 52:20

Called out for an ‘easy one’ by Renee and James E. Was looking for an excuse not to do the Rushcutters sets and welcomed the invite, despite the third wheel prospectus.

We trailed the water from the Domain, through CQ and Hickson Wharves. Decided to shoot down to Darling Harbour to make the run 12km. Horribly hot but the slower-than-5 min pace helped.

Rode the bike back home to keep today’s mileage low.

Friday – Rest
Getting a bit worried here. Got a fitbit for Xmas, as did most of my family. Normally in full training there is no competition for the 7 day rolling steps.

During festive eating and resting season, the margin is much closer.

Fitbit – ‘friends’

Anyway no run today, just a quick swim at Drummoyne before work.

Saturday – Bay Run Tempo at MP
Sadly had to turn down an offer to do the B&B swim from Manly this morning. Simply couldn’t bring myself to join Bryan, Derek and others for a 6:45am start.

Took to the Bay Run with some renewed energy, specifically fueled by 1kg of Ginger Mud Crab from hosting a dinner last night.

Could be the new pre-race meal. Felt a little sluggish but did the double lap in 52:20, or low 3:40s. First few km at 4 min/km, then moved to 3:35 min/km for the last 3km. Basically my ideal MP. No way I’m in shape to do this over 42km though…

Saturday (10-Jan) Bay Run x 2
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