Bay Run Tempo

Bay Run Tempo

With a 7am flight to Melb plus a full day and early evening of much dreaded Melbourne CBD shopping, I knew fitting in a run would be tough.

Chose a dreaded pre 6am window to knock out what I could. Out at 5:20am, looked at the watch and decided the 1k to the Bay Run, the 7k loop then 1k back would be a story to tell the grand kids.

So off I went in near pitch black. Slow start but eased into the pace and did my best not to stumble over path irregularities and/or become an iceblock.

Splits – 5:46, 4:46, 4:18, 4:00, 3:59, 3:51, 3:46, 4:01, 3:48

Essentially a poor man’s progressive tempo. Not bad. 2 speed sessions in 3 days.

9km all up. Got back with a tidy 2 min to spare before the cab came. Importantly the missus was not unhappy I made it back in time. Win.

Maybe a (not so) long run exploring West Melbourne tomorrow.

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