Beached Whale

Beached Whale

Sunday – Swim

Some back-breaking yard work on Saturday afternoon plus having 40+ people over for a BBQ on Sunday gave me a good excuse to take an easy day.

Ducked out early morning for a few laps at Drummoyne. Seem to be getting slower and slower in the pool. Not sure what the opposite of a beached whale is, but I’m the equivalent in the pool….

Joined Lorie for a short 4km jog around Annandale in the afternoon. Trying to encourage her to scout out a regular route to do after work.

Closed out the week perhaps a touch over 100km.

Monday – Back to Uni

Must have some delayed soreness from Saturday LR. A little flat today, so I opted not to run at lunch. Met Bryan at USYD on the way home for a short run around Redfern plus surrounds. Circled back around the uni, through a few classic buildings before heading home via Glebe.

Poor Bryan looks like he lost about 5kg from a stomach bug over Xmas. Pale and malnourished. I’ll have to fatten him up with some nut butter.

With the jog in earlier, it was about 16km for the day. All easy.

Out the front of University of Sydney

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