Birchgrove then Pancakes

Birchgrove then Pancakes

Sunday – Birchgrove plus Pancakes
With my LR banked on Saturday, I simply intended to add some very easy base miles. Shot down to the Bay Run and headed out to Balmain along the water.

Threaded through the streets towards Birchgrove. Great suburb, well hidden and deceptively close to the city as the crow flies. To keep things interesting every 1km I did 10 push-ups. Covered 16km before my arms could take no more.

When I got back, I made the difficult decision to indulge in some pancakes. Add the mango and some almond spread and it was happy days. Sadly I had to share one with the missus.

Sunday pancakes

Later that afternoon, Lorie called me out for a short trundle. She only runs once a week, so I was happy to plod behind her. Add another 6km or so.

22km for the day, all easy.

Weekly total around 120km. 4 weeks out from Six Foot, so this is where I want to be.

Getting a suspicious tingling on my left middle toe. Could be a sign of dogey shoes or PF? Hope not.

Had a meeting running late, so went solo down to Blues Point in high 20s weather. Kept the pace easy. Certainly don’t want to injure myself right now.

Tomorrow speed is in doubt.

If you count a 5km walk / jog home, that makes 15km for the day.

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