Blackmore’s Pyramid

Blackmore’s Pyramid

Seems the tight hip has healed itself! I was mobile enough to corner Molly in the house, leashed her up for one CW lap of the Bay Run pre-sunrise. Circled back to the canal where an empty Blackmore’s Oval looked mighty tempting. 8km done.

Without the benefit of speed on Thurs nor racing today, I still wanted some turnover in the legs. That said, priority was to stay fresh. Ran a circuit of the rectangular oval measuring 370m. Awkward distance as was elbow turns and pot holes.

Not to be deterred, I toyed with a few possible sets in ascending difficulty: strides, 400s, 800s, 1k reps or Pyramid. Elected Pyramid on 400s and just went for it.

1  (400m) working up to 4 (1.6km) then back to 1 with 400m floats to recover. The set is as much mental training as speed-work.

Eased into it but only by the 1.2km on the front half did my legs loosen up. Did not check pace and only used the watch to work out the end points. Once you get to 4, big relief as it’s downhill from there. Steady pace, mostly controlled but ugly on the final 400m. Added a final 800m cruise at 3:30s to get to 10km.

10km in 37 flat. 

Almost forgot about Molly who was chasing me the whole way.

23km for the morning. I always like to bring a set of tired legs to KM for a massage. Mission accomplished. Not sure how I’ll pull up for the LR tomorrow.

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