Bridges Run

Bridges Run

Effectively resting today. Took the bike into work, but not without a fun little detour around the Bay Run and a somewhat random out-and-back across Gladesville Bridge. You can’t beat the views around 6am right now….

No run at lunch and just a short jog into Pyrmont to meet Lorie. We poked around the Lunar Night Markets, ate a few dumplings and walked home.

In effect, the ride plus a dumpling-fueled walk was the best training I could muster today.

Initial plan – run 3km to Drummoyne pool, do a few laps and jog back home. With the pool effectively closed from 7:30am due to some silly Carnival, the actual activity was quite different…

A relaxed pace took me northbound across the Gladesville bridge into the heart of Lane Cove.

Coming out of Hunters Hill, I joined a middle-aged bloke John D (JD) sporting a camel back wearing a Six Foot Track shirt. No surprise what he was training for. Left him behind on River Road and headed to Lane Cove pool for 2km of freestyle. This did wonders for my right ITB.

Decided to make the return journey via Harbour Bridge. Somewhat coincidently, I ran into the same JD along Hickson Road. This provided some welcome company for the final 7km via Blackwattle Bay.

Run summary – 12km to the pool (65 min), 2km in the pool (43 min) then 19km back home (102 min). Not a bad effort for 31km running on no gels / breakfast.

Let’s just say I turned up to brunch with a very healthy appetite.

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