Tuesday – Brisbane River

Short 2 day QLD trip left a great chance to do an easy taper run circling the Bribane River. Found a sneaky 30 min before dinner.

Started at Riverside district, tracked the river and crossed over to Southbank. Dodged the uni students, crossed back over to CBD and followed the river back to Stamford. 6km all up. Nice little track along the river.

The run was a precursor to a feed at nearby steakhouse Cha Cha Char in Riverside. Tempted to review it but I can’t do it objectively if I don’t pay. Else the $40 for a small barramundi fillet and single prawn would have me in tears.

Wednesday – Brisbane Again

Roped Charlie into a 6am run which started on a similar southwards course. Crossed the river, headed north this time. Found a good loop dictated by the Story Bridge. Got nervous when I saw the mileage tick over 7km. Eased back the last km and let Charlie pull ahead. Some small stretching in the Botanic Gardens before hitting up the Stamford Buffet for a three course breakfast.

Spent the later part of the day at Gold Coast for work. Shot below was 5 minutes before I tried to rediscover my childhood.

Dreamworld ride.

Ended badly. Got put upside down, felt sick for the next 12 hours. Lesson learnt.


Jumped on the saddle for the commute to and from work.
Headed out with Matt I from work down to Boy Charlton. A short jog across domain before 1.5km of embarrassingly slow freestyle. Linked up with Brendon who gave some good pointers on my technique. Lots to work on. 
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