Brutal Bird Assault and HuRTS 4x10min

Brutal Bird Assault and HuRTS 4x10min

Magpie 1, Hoey 0
Decided to roll the dice and ride to work in pretty damp roads. No longer than 5 min in I was deeply regretting this.

There I was, riding innocently past Artarmon Oval, when I heard a piercing sound from the skies. Looked up just as a huge magpie came swooping down. Lucky I reacted fast, else I would have lost an eye. 
The magnificent creature hitched a ride on my head for 400m. Attack after attack after attack…I was completely petrified…

This little experience wasn’t enough to dampen my spirit. I was very early so I parked the bike at Observatory hill, did a short 30min light bricks session in my Lycra before heading to work.

HurTS 4x10min
I have not done this session for year. Also I think I’m coming down with a cold; coughing early hours of the morning, sniffly nose, been feeling low energy last few days. 150km a week was bound to catch up with me eventually…
This feeling plus humid/windy conditions was basically the recipe of a pretty tough (ie miserable) session with HuRTS. Spent each of the 4 reps stranded between the front and mid groups. Watch is broken so was doing these ones naked. Actual pace mid 3:30s, but it felt like 2:30s (in a bad way that is). 
We start at the Stone Pillars and it’s a double out-and-back. Both times I made it about 40m before opera gates (2.75km one way). Found some company on reps 1 and 3 with JFen, Bruce and Macca. Reps 2 and 4, I was solo and unsuccessfully tried to follow Tom as he passed everyone with ease and surged the hills. 
The key is a strong reps 2 and 4, into the headwinds and up the hills. This is where I focused my efforts and I was happy to finish 3rd and 2nd out of a pretty big crowd.

Session summary – 11km covered in 39:45. Works out to be mid 3:30s but felt A LOT harder. Add another 2km for warmup and warmdown.
Rode home very closely and avoided invading the personal space of anything with wings.
Daily summary – 21km running and legs feel rubbish to be honest. 
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