Building on the Junk

Building on the Junk


The legs can’t get through much more mid week than some basic mileage; today was no different. Did a back to back recovery starting with 9km into work.

Had a lunch meeting so it was a no-go for the group run. Substituted this by running back home. It was well rewarded by the weather and views. Didn’t stop the watch so may I can use that as an excuse for the slower than 5:30 pace.

Daily summary – 17km recovery.

Bridge views of Cremorne


Stepped out today a lot fresher. Walked to the shed to retrieve the bike (to ride to work), stretched the quads and made the split decision to run instead. I did want to save some fuel in the tank for lunch it was really just a jog to work of 9km.

Briefly joined some of the HuRTS runners across the domain as they set out for the not-so-fun 10x400m. Chose to join MC for an easy MLR ‘strictly at 5 min pace’. He’s a good substitute for a ‘race pace’ simulator on a GPS watch and the whole run was bang on 5 min pace.

The route took us past Garden Island and through Rushcutters Bay before heading south along Ocean ave – by far the most unpleasant section. It’s a small price to pay for one lap of a tranquil Centennial Park at lunch. Legs felt better and better the longer into the run I got.

Run summary – 15.5km at 5:36 min/km, which when added to the morning makes 24km for the day.

Experiencing some ITB tightness which will need a good stretch out in the pool in coming days. Also according to MC, sports massages are mandatory. Need to try it out soon.

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