Burpees and Centennial Long-Run

Burpees and Centennial Long-Run

Saturday – Cross Training
Slept like a rock and accordingly woke too de-motivated to do a planned tempo around the Bay Run.

Today’s 10km run consisted multiple sets of push-up burpees. Essentially I collapse to the ground for 10 reps of double push-up burpees, before jogging 750m and repeating.

I do this until I lose feeling in my arms.

13 sets in total, before I tapped out. Thrice I’ve done this now. The next day I am typically in a world of pain, but the good type.

Summary – 10km running, 10×13 double-push-up burpees.

This proved an adequate hunger-building exercise for a subsequent brunch at Marrickville. Review is pending.

Sunday – HuRTS Centennial
8km jog down Paramatta Road to meet the HuRTS crew at the Centennial Park kiosk at 7am.

Usual suspects included Enda, CT, a shoulder-strapped Sonya, Birchy and Anthony. It seems almost everyone wanted to do no more than 20km. Too early in the season to be doing much longer (aside from CT of course). First lap took is around the white picket fence before an out-and-back along Alison Road.

Next lap we hit the trails that trace the inside perimeter of the park. With a few mini-steps, tree roots and sandy trails, this is the closest I’ve come to six-foot track training. Race is in 5 weeks, how sad.

Left the group after lap 2 before shooting back through Redfern and USyd. With watch-in-pocket and extremely mild weather, I felt incredible and was surprised by my distance covered.

Got back before 9am with a self pat on the back for longest run in awhile (say 9 months).

Lilyfield to Centennial and return

Good close to the week – 130km in total. Most of that is commuting though.

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