Consistent with my four weeks on, one week off, I continue to somewhat sheepishly avoid anything hard so far this week.

Left foot feeling a touch ‘funny‘ after Sunday, not painful but perhaps a mild tingling. Mentally very willing to do the HuRTS, but did not want the risk that a tingle becomes a stabbing pain. Seems quite a few people are getting hit with Plantar Fasciitis (PF). Struggled with this last year and don’t want a repeat.

Anyway, sub’ed the 8x5min with a more mild jog out to Centennial at lunch with Renee. Pace pretty relaxed at a touch under 5 min/km. Tracked Oxford St then down Anzac Parade before doing a single loop of the white fence.

Centennial is great mid-week, feels like you’re on holiday.

13km all up at 4:48 min/km. Add another 5km home to make 18km for the day.

Rest of the week will be light. Even may consider a rest day.

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