Centennial HuRTS LR

Centennial HuRTS LR

What better way to start a rainy 6am Sunday by rolling out of bed, driving to Centennial and turning up at the kiosk 5 min late for the HuRTS group run.

First ascent out of the park, I knew I was in for a tough one. Quads very sleepy/grumpy from my tempo yesterday. It’s that feeling where you  know they won’t warm up. Course was the City 2 surf, so I ran the first 5km hard and caught a pack of ten by Rose Bay.

Coastal views kept the run surprisingly fun. Never seen this side of Sydney before (why else go to Vaucluse?). Lots of arbitrary stairs, a nice run up to a lighthouse and grassy flats that bordered cliff faces. Beautiful.

Passed Bondi Pavilion at 18km (where Enda/Tim dropped off for the swim), before continuing through to Bronte with CT and Anthony.

Cut back inland towards Queenspark, circled Centennial essentially until I saw a ‘3’ handle on my mileage.

Good to restart the long-runs, but I’m certainly feeling out-of-shape.

32km all up at 4:50 min/km.

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