Centennial Long Run and Monday Wharves

Centennial Long Run and Monday Wharves

Sunday – Centennial
Centennial group out in force this morning. A promising late night email goes out suggesting an ‘easy and flat’ trundle around the park.

Turns out this was a pipe dream with just Enda and I racing yesterday, plus a 70 min half female runner in company (Eloise). 
I ran 8km to the Kiosk from Lilyfield, joined a group of 10ish for a shocking 4:20 pace around centennial. Not happy. I lasted about 16km inside the park before my quads said no more. Let’s just say it was a slow plod of shame back through Redfern and along Paramatta Road. Was happy to make it home in one piece. 
Though I can’t be complacent with long runs, today was too hard on the legs I think. This means I’m in doubt for a heavy training next week. 
100km for the week. Almost half of this was race plus the long-run. The balance just commuting.

Monday – Wharves
Threat of rain reigns once again, but a good turnout for the wharves run including Charlie D, Tom, Enda, Andy and a few others. Even Mike Race made an appearance!

Pace of 4:20 to 4:30s was much too quick for me. Felt uncomfortable and had to drop off on the return after 11km. Added another 6km running home to make 18km for the day. 

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