Centennial Long Run

Centennial Long Run

It hit me when I woke up… the feeling that there are two large wooden stakes through the quads. Lucky I live in a one story house or I’d be in trouble.

Nonetheless I joined the HuRTS long run in Centennial Park on Sunday morning. Flat course… an easy sell over hills in Lower North Shore.

Notable absences included Enda (hopefully OK from yesterday’s blackout) and Timmy Lindop. Among the regulars were Barts, CT, Ray, Jeet (recovering still from Melb), Paul (also recovering from Melb), Laura (back from injury) and a few others. Barts was particularly riled from a sub-par effort at Stiders and took his anger out by pacing us too fast for the first 15km.

Frankly I never felt comfortable the whole run. My LR’s have typically been slower than 5 min pace, but the group runs around 4:40ish.

The miles ticked away and my initial planned 21km did turn into 25km, then 30km. I was happy to drop off at 25km and finish with an easy 5km wandering around the kids cycle track. Wind was tough, weather was crisp and the park was buzzing with activity. Great start to a Sunday and my intention was to work up a good appetite for brunch (see review Cafe Eighty Ate).

Centennial Park

Run summary – 30km at 4:39 min/km

Weekly mileage has been sub 100km, but add the 20km hiking and my legs are pretty tired. Otherwise I’m feeling good (no niggles) and will still likely take this next week easy. 

Weekly summary – cut back week
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