Centennial LR

Centennial LR

Scheduled a 9am brunch with Lorie at Pinbone, which sits on the North side of Centennial Park at the Paddington gates.

A slow start from home at 6:15am down to CP, via Redfern for a 7am kick-off at the kiosk.

Funny how the rest of the HuRTS has very specific sessions planned in the gear-up to Gold Coast. Birchy 34km, Sonya similar, JFen a 21km tempo at 4:10s, Laura and Jeet both mid 20s type run.
My plan? Run in circles until 9am, leaving me desperately hungry for a stand-out brunch. Felt quite sore from a massage yesterday, so racing off the cards. 10km to CP at 4:45s, then a similar pace with 5 of us on the usual circuit. 
Re-entering for lap 2, I broke off as JFen came around for a tempo lap at 4 min/km. Kept this for 4km, JFen broke off and I was largely solo for the rest. Pace eased a little to 4:15-4:25 range, until the clock hit 9am. Felt a little sore all over by the end. Glad to bank 36km.
36km in 2:45 at 4:45 min/km average pace.
The brunch was so good afterwords. That’s not just the hunger talking. 
I almost ordered a 2nd main in the Brown Rice Pumpkin Congee. Superb.
Good close to a big week. Just shy of 140km all up. Next week will be largely easy, low mileage. 
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