Centennial Ride

Centennial Ride

Rest today, at least from running. The quads have taken a real beating from the double treadmills amongst about 50km covered the two days prior. The two 30 min sessions at 3:10 min/km, plus last weekend’s 10k race has given a much needed speed injection into my routine.

Of course I knew an easy spin would be more sensible.

Rode down to Centennial to meet Brendan + 2 others at the kiosk around 7:45am. Have had to turn him down in weeks past, but no excuses this time. After a warm-up lap, it was clear these guys wanted to smash their legs. Got left behind instantly and proceeded to sit at a high cadence at sub 30 km/hr for 10 odd laps. Embarrassingly slow but hey, at least I gave it a go. 
With the commute, covered a tidy 55km in 2:10. Longest ride in a long time. 
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