With a pending brunch in Bondi, I was highly motivated to work up a serious appetite. Food tastes best when one is hungry. Fact.

Wanted to join the HuRTS 7am group starting at Kiosk. Leaving the house at 6:27am left me 33 min to get to the Kiosk (8km away). Hence the precedent was set for an unusually hard run, with pacing moving to sub 4:30 min/km once I hit Paramatta Road.

Arrived 3 min late, no one to be seen! Where did they go? I set out solo on the initial clockwise course squinting the eyes. Pace quickened to perhaps 4 min/km in the hope I’d catch the crowd. No luck, and the remaining 20k was fairly uneventful.

The beauty of Centennial is how little time is spent on road…. great for the legs.

Centennial Park

Wandered around Centennial, Queen’s Park and dirt track surrounds as the km’s ticked over. Some good splits for a ‘lazy Sunday’.

32km all up in 2:17, or 4:15 min/km. 

With my bike in disrepair, it’s certainly been a big week of mileage (120km). Had to run to work rather than ride. I actually feel great nonetheless!

Got picked up by the missus (+dog) before heading down to Bondi for a serious refueling at Porch and Parlour. The pea pancakes are meant to be legendary. 

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