Central Coast and Terrigal Beach

Central Coast and Terrigal Beach

Friday – Recovery
Energy best described as deflated..,, so I brought forward my semi-annual GP check-up – check the iron which is always an issue. See if anything is abnormal next week.

So it was just 10km of recovery in the morning. Small detour back around Luna Park. Also no to the usual Redleaf run at lunch. I did get out for a short stretch out around the Opera House just before dinner.

Bridge from Circular Quay

Saturday – Farmland and Sand
Out at Central Coast this weekend with ex-uni mates plus partners. Excellent chance to explore some new ground, with the beach house 9km inland from Terrigal beach. 85 min through flat and winding rural roads early morning. Tried to find the roads to the beach… found some horses, a winery, cows and a few old farmers on the porch on rocking chairs… Gave up after 45 min and turned back.

Strange that after 60 min, I hit a rough patch despite pace no faster than 5 min/km. Other challenge was avoiding becoming roadkill. No paths, reasonable amount of traffic. Must have covered 16km all up by the time I returned. Ended up floating in the pool …

Round 2 for the day (3 hours later) … south end of Terrigal Beach lying on the sand. Opportunity for sand running with Lorie and two (non-running) mates Steve and Richard.

They stuck to the hard sand, so the only logical handicap is that I stick to the soft sand. Very, hard, work…. I laboured my way northwards to the beach end, before turning back into a stiff headwind. Had no watch / phone, but I estimated 8km all up at 6 min/km.

24km all up for the day.

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