Chili-induced Nausea

Chili-induced Nausea

Got a brilliant jalapeno plant for a house-warming gift. I backed myself to eat its first yield, which subsequently had me keeled over on the couch, delirious for 3 hours at night.

Next morning I was in no state for a LR at Centennial (or so I thought). Plan B a ‘see how I go’ exploring Five Dock, and later Abbotsford area without the watch.

Very happy with how I felt by the end. Current humidity levels mean I must be losing 2-3L of water on these runs – should probably be hydrating along the way.

Nothing strenuous and very few hills but 2 hours of jogging in the bank.

100-110km for the week. Need to get some elevation training into my runs in coming weeks! Else my quads are in for a huge shock for any trail races.

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