Cooks River

Cooks River

Sometimes it is just good to front-end that Weekend Long Run.

Rolled out the door at 6:30am with no idea where to go. Some 10 min later I was down at the Canal past the Bay Run and decided to run away from the Sun (i.e. west).

Nothing scenic is to be found down Paramatta Rd. Attempted to explore the suburbs around Burwood, Strathfield and got even more bored. Cook’s River runs south of Stathfield so I found that at around 12k and this gave me a line of sight to the Airport (some 12k back east). Somewhat annoying was that the niggles never really went away even after I warmed up. The last 45 min was Mascot, then up North via St Peter’s and Alexandria. . In the end, I beat my objective of 30k.

During the 2.5 hrs, the main things I was pondering included:

– Housing situation looks extremely fragile. Should we sell our apartment?
– What to do with the Easter Break (Blue Mountains, road trip North, lie on couch)

Anyway, good luck to all those running Canberra tomorrow!

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