Cremorne Point

Cremorne Point

Leaving the house for the usual run, I had to turn back after 750m having left some work documents at home. No harm down – 9.5km instead of 8km but very easy.

Joined Charlie (work), A-MB (work) and A Biggs for a run across the bridge to Cremorne Point. We met with quite a few others from the Mon/Wed Warriors group at the north end of the bridge. Good turnout and first time meeting quite a few – notably James (aka Dr Skins) who clearly lost a bet.

Apparently running skirts offer great breath-ability but still questions over chaff-age risk?

Group photo at Milsons Point – note the skirt

Overall a beautiful run out to Cremorne Point. Good view of the city mixed in with lots of stairs and hills; still a pace comfortably in my recovery zone. Four of us broke away on the return and picked-up the pace back into the city. Run summary 13km at 5:15 min/km pace.

Today felt good – 22km all up and frankly feeling as if I’ve had a light week.

Still trying to work out where to brunch this weekend.

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