Cremorne Point and Easy Saturday

Cremorne Point and Easy Saturday

Friday – Cremorne Point Loop
Last time running into work from the North, so I grabbed it with both hands, trotted along Pac Highway and the Harbour Bridge. Did a mini detour around Circular Quay to bank 10km all before 7am.

Seem to be feeling the affects of accumulated fatigue. Not so much so that I’d pass on a run down to Cremorne Point at lunch with Charlie D, Ness, Joe and Skins. Felt pretty sluggish on anything resembling an incline. No matter how good shape I’m in, stairs are never fun.

We even ran into Conway and Garth on the Bridge heading back. CD and I sort of had an understanding … push the pace and surge past the boss.

By the end, we covered 14km and legs had loosened up for the better.

Quick spot check on myself
– low energy
– Struggling to run sub 5 min/km
– slightly tight right hip flexor
– slight swelling (I think) under left foot
– both calves feel strangly tight
– a little pain under right knee, disappeared after a few km

Sort of screams ‘take a rest day’….

Also had a work Xmas party at the Pullman Circular Quay waterfront. Brought the misses along. Great company and even better food. Smoked trout, steamed baramundi, roasted potato.

Saturday – Almost Inactive
So for once I’ve listed to my body. Could be the first voluntary rest day I’ve taken in 6 months. Other rest days have simply been because I’ve just run a marathon, am injured, or incapacitated in some manner.

All to report is 2.5km at Lane Cove pool. Kept it interesting by doing a reverse pyramid session – 4,3,2,1,2,3,4 and even a 5. Here ‘1’ represents 50m, and each had a 50m float in between.

Swimmers have a rip along the side. With some many kids around, I’m increasingly at risk of being arrested.

Spent the morning furniture shopping and picked up the keys for the new house. Lorie pretty excited. She chose the house before we even got engaged 2 years ago. Deliberately bought a place close to the 7km Bay Run.

Also took the dog + misses out for a bit of a marathon walk for 80 min later in the afternoon. Couldn’t help myself to a few hill surges… after the 4th hill, my dog (Summer) was completely spent. Poor thing spent the next 2 hours motionless on the floor.

Keys to the new place … Lilyfield

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