Day of Threes

Day of Threes

Another beautiful Sunday and the last day of my supposed cut-back week. Woke up unaffected by the clock roll-forward (daylight saving) and headed out for a short-form long run.

Decided to do an out and (optional) back from Artarmon to Balmoral Beach and join my dad for some laps along the beach. Set out at an easy 6min/km pace, detoured via the sandstone bridge in Northbridge. Legs felt heavy from yesterday’s race and I did notice some discomfort under the arch (again!).

Run summary to Balmoral

Took 60 minutes (10km) to get down to Balmoral and some pondering, decided against beach running (spells bad for PF-injuries) and headed back home. I thought it would be particularly fun to do the ascent back up to Mosman shops. Essentially, think going from sea level to 90m in a short distance.

Plodded back up circling the Rawson Oval and did a slow 12km back. Threw in another few more hills on the return and by the end, had 2 hours banked and some arch soreness to remind me of my age. Check out the elevation, not bad for an easy post-race long-run.

Run summary – 22.7km at 5:20min/km, 350m elevation.

Was ready to throw in the towel and rest for the remainder of the day. However scorching weather, a free afternoon and slightly tight ITBs lured me to Lane Cove pool in the afternoon. As is customary, a planned 30min splash turned into my longest ever swim – 65min or 3km (freestyle only, no intervals). I keep forgetting how much the muscles / joints loosen up after a good pool session.

Came home to an amazing Almond Hot Cocoa that Lorie made for the MiLA’s facebook blog with her Toasted Almond Spread. Best post session recovery drink ever!

Hot cocoa

Very happy withe the effort today – 3 hours of cardio plus an evening 30min tennis game against brother Matt. First time swinging the racket in 5 months but not as rusty as I expected. Went down 2 games to 1, first to 11 points.

Back on the running:

Weekly total – 87km, which included 1 speed session, 10km PB, 2 swims and a few cycle commutes. 

Weekly run summary

This is my lightest week of running in quite awhile. Leg’s don’t feel that way. I’d say fatigue level 7 (out of 10) – quads and arch.

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