Double Run plus Lane Cove Laps

Double Run plus Lane Cove Laps

Astounded today how fresh I felt, as if I’ve taken 2-3 days off. The reality is obviously the opposite and I was expecting to be in a world of pain.

Could it be the magic of the massage? Possibly, but gone is my tight ITB, chronic hamstring pain and swelling under left foot. 
9km this morning with Matt at a slow progressive tempo. He wanted 5 min pace moving to low 4s, and I obliged. Even surged across the bridge at 3:45s for the last 500m. 
Got back from a lunch meeting to find a big box from the US of running goodies. The order was mainly two pairs of Mizuno Wave Hitogami. Tried this recently in store and it felt great as a stable, lightweight trainer/racer good for 10k to full distance. Weighs 210g and 9mm drop, but feels very un-intrusive to natural stride, as if drop is <5mm .="" div="" nbsp="">

Mizuno Wave Hitogami
Left work a touch earlier allowing another easy 9km to Lane Cove pool in the new shoes. Did 2km of freestyle at an embarrassingly slow pace before adding 3km back home. 

Both lanes suitable for me – slow swimming, walking or both?
Daily total – 22km with 2km freestyle. Looking forward to HuRTS awards night tomorrow at the Tilbury. 
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