Easy Base Building

Easy Base Building

Woke up unusually early (5:30am) and took my time with an easy 10km to work…slower the better for me at 5:35 min/km. These sort of runs are perfect looseners that don’t compromise recovery.

At lunch joined a smaller HuRTS group that included Conway, Charlie and the two triathletes Crossy and Kevin. I like the Wednesday course as it is flat and you get good water views from the wharves as well as from Pyrmont. Only frustration is the man-traffic at Darling Harbour. Legs felt great, 4:35 min/km pace felt like 5:30 min/km pace and I had to nudge MC to cut the run at 80 min.

Run summary – 19km at 4:47 min/km pace. This makes 29km for the day (a record for mid-week)

Also my TomTom GPS watch has frozen and is unresponsive. Wedding gift 12 months ago and already broken? Hopefully it revives in the next day or two as I felt like a muppet at lunch carrying a big android phone around.

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