Easy with a Smile

Easy with a Smile

Gave the legs a rest today, at least on a relative basis. Strange how ‘not-flat’ they feel after such a heavy weekend load. 7km into work at yes, 6 min/km pace turned into a great loosener.

Had a dentist appointment with my old school mate J Kahn in North Sydney. It was a pleasantly excruciating catch up but glad to walk out with some very white teeth and no holes. Call it an exercise in pain management. Importantly I lumped 4km to the chair and 3km return to add another 7km for the day.

Looking forward to perhaps some speed with HuRTS tomorrow.

On the food front, I’m pretty sold on Ethiopian cuisine. Teff-based bread (gluten free, high in iron), lots of veggies, simple, good spices and not oily.

Photos below from Aaboll Cafe in Merrylands with Lorie and Lewis.

The two shared plates cost $44 all up. Ridiculous. The first (mixed combination) is about 45cm diameter, the second (vegetable plate) maybe 35cm. The bread alone could double as a sleeping bag.

A post meal sugar fix was undertaken across the road at La Galette Patisserie.

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