Fat Kid with a Crayon

Fat Kid with a Crayon

Slept like a rock and woke to quads that also felt like one. Did what any sane person would do and headed out for a sneaky run in crisp weather.

Fairly heavy week, some hip tightness so I pondered ‘3km run to Lane Cove Pool, 2km freestyle plus 3km return jog‘. Fail to plan or plan to fail…. who knows.

Within 45 min, I found myself shirtless on Roseville golf course dodging golf balls hit by a bunch of seniors – baffling. Turns out I wandered into the rolling hills of East Roseville for an unplanned MLR.

Got a little lost but otherwise had a great time. Run path looks more like a drawing from a fat kid armed with a crayon.

Is this guy lost?

Felt I battled the whole way despite the slow pace. Ended the run with a laughable attempt swimming in my 10m pool for 10 min.

Run summary: 18km at 5:26 min/km, 260m elevation change.

I’ve also committed to at least one swim per week. I find its the best way to alleviate ITB issues, which plagued me last year. Lorie was out in the afternoon so I headed to Lane Cove and knocked out an easy 2.5km freestyle. Felt much better almost instantly.

Look forward to LR Sunday, will look to join the Striders STAR run (12 bridges).

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