Gate to Gate 5x850m

Gate to Gate 5x850m

AM: wanted to ride but my simple rule is to avoid the saddle when the ground is wet. Easy 6km in the rain at 6 min/km.

Lunch: Joined Brendan for some basic gate to gate intervals around Farm Cove. 5 x 850m at a slower-than-marathon pace. I largely let BW take the lead. The 3:40s felt much harder, suggesting my legs still need further rest.

Covered 4.3km over the 5 sets at 3:50 min/km. 1km splits: 4:00, 3:55, 3:45, 3:47 and 3:35 (300m).

With the warm-up and warm-down, this was 8km total.

14km for the day. Will probably rest tomorrow.

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