Half with 7×15 push-ups, 14x80m strides and a dog

Half with 7×15 push-ups, 14x80m strides and a dog

The soft plan was ‘something easy, but not another 15-20km recovery‘. By adding 15 push-ups every 2km and at the conclusion, 80m strides I won.

Also it must be Molly’s 5th half YTD. We started around Haberfield aimlessly with the watch in pocket (zero care re pace). Honestly 0-5km felt bad, 5-10 OK, and 10 plus excellent.

Highly enjoyed this easy pace (with push-up breaks) all the way down to Five Dock. Woke from my slumber just as Renee and James shot past on their bikes which gave me a massive lift.

Same story around Abbotsford then back to Iron Cove Bridge parallel to Victoria Road. I could feel Molly starting to tire so I knew to head home.

Now on the bridge I could see a bouncy skeleton quickly approaching! Do I run? No, because Lewis Ingram pops up on a cool-down after a brutal sounding 6km tempo plus [something hard] with Gary Howard’s crew. What is he doing in my area?

Enjoyed a 2km warm-down back past KG Oval with my new company. I re-iterated to Lewis that the key is to not kill himself 3 days a week and it seems everyone is telling him the same.

Said goodbyes at the soccer pitch near Balmain Rd where I added some short and sharp strides. A great way to finish a run!

22km at 4:50s including 7×15 push-ups and 14x80m strides.

Well done to Molly for returning home alive. I’m probably on the RSPCA hit-list. Obvious highlights running into R&J and later Lewis.

Good luck to all those racing 6FT this weekend.

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